This is a page for anything I get published, as well as papers I’ve presented at meetings.


ASOR 2010 Paper on MB Safut

Middle Bronze Chapter

The Middle Bronze Age at Tall Safut

Middle Bronze Pottery

Above are the paper, powerpoint, and table that corresponds with the pottery plates at the end of the powerpoint, for my 2010 ASOR paper.  It basically consists of two parts.  The first detailing the lack of a glacis in D1 and D2, and the second discussing the existing MB pottery found at the site in 1982 and 2001.

Book Review of Eric Meyers Festschrift


This paper is a review article of “The Archaeology of Difference” Gender, Ethnicity, Class, and the “Other” in Antiquity: Studies in Honor of Eric M. Meyers, edited by D. R. Edwards and C.T. McCollough.  It will be published in the 2010 NEASB.

ASOR 2008 Paper on Tall Safut


Here is the power point for my first ASOR annual meeting presentation.  I presented during the Archaeology of Jordan I session on a reassesment of the material from Safut, basically looking at what has already been published as well as pottery in my possession in order to see the major periods of occupation at the site and do a basic rephasing of the stratigraphy.

Book Review of “Israelite Religions”


This a book review of “Israelite Religions” by Richard Hess.  It has been published in the 2008 NEASB.

NEASB article “Israelite Expansion Process in the Iron Age II: A Chalk Moat Perspective.”


This is article published in the 2008 NEASB and is based on a section of my masters thesis done while at Jerusalem University College under Anson Rainey.  The thesis itself was on the historical geography of the Chalk Moat, focused on the sites of biblical Eshtaol, Zorah, Zanoah, Adullam, and Keilah.

Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Proposal

This is the proposal I had to prepare (and which I defend in front of the Ph.D. committee on Friday) in order to move on to the writing stage.  It is a fairly involved process, and each section must be carefully worded.

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