Safut and other Sites

15 03 2011

This past weekend we stopped by Safut. The kids both fell asleep in the car so I just got out to say hello to my site. It was quite green and, other than a few more fallen stones, in a similar condition to last summer. Tomorrow or the day after I’m taking my camera and doing a more complete visit. I plan on taking some pictures of squares to see how much damage has been done since they were last excavated and I plan on walking and driving all around the site (seeing and experiencing it from every angle).

Over the weekend I took Angela and the kids to Tall al-Umayri and Tall Jalul with a stop in Madaba for lunch. There were sheep/goats at both Umayri and Jalul so Jack was very happy. He would say “sheep” and then “sheep dog” and then “pig”, unfortunately there were no pigs, especially not in Jordan. If you were wondering his favorite movie before leaving was Babe. In Madaba we saw the owner of the hotel we stay at for the dig, Charl Twal. We had a nice talk and some cappuccino. Jack and his son Amir (who is 3) tried to play a little and they each had chocolate milk. Jalul was also a bit green and was none the worse for wear (other than on the acropolis in the ottoman period graveyard where looters had dug a hole looking for gold). We saw some shabob from the dig and they invited us over for tea. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and the temperature was mid-60’s.  It was nice to share some of my Jordan experiences and friends with my family.

Day 6 at ACOR

9 03 2011

We have finally started settling in to our life here at ACOR.  Jack has slept through the night twice in a row, Angela is finishing cleaning the apartment and putting everything away, and I am on my second day of writing.  We now have a cell phone and our rental car is due in today.  We are renting a car for two months, one month now and another month in July when I do my survey work at Safut.  We are renting a car for this month because I will (hopefully) be running around to the various locations where Safut material is held.  There is material in the DAJ warehouse, the Amman Citadel Museum, and the Salt Archaeological Museum.  I meet with the DAJ person in charge of the museums and warehouses on Sunday.  So hopefully I will have access to the material soon after.  Barbara Porter, director of ACOR, suggested we get permission to bring the Safut material to ACOR for my time in Jordan.  Hopefully this will happen, as it would save me a lot of time.

Here are a few pics from around ACOR:

on the roof at ACOR


9 04 2008

Sometimes foreign countries have an unusual understanding of American Culture:

and English:


9 04 2008

So we spent the morning touring the tell and going to St. George Church, where the Madaba mosaic is located. Randy and others were working on obtaining our dig permit and getting a truck and crane. The crane is for moving stones in the Islamic village next too the tell. This afternoon I have to work with the GPS units and figure out how to switch them to Palestinian Grid Coordinates. So it was an easy day, everyone is tired and yet itching to get to digging.

Our hotel room

The small hotel room and the view of Jalul from the hotel roof.