This Blog is Sexy

7 01 2011

At least according to the Biblioblog Top 50 it is.  This blog was number 43 for the month of December.  For those of you who don’t know, this list is not to be confused with the top 10 list, the top 20 list, or the other top 50 list.  I personally think this is a bit ridiculous and agree with Bob Cargill that we need some kind of awesome BCS style system.  That being said as a big fan of college football, I hate the BCS, perhaps a playoff system is needed instead.  Just imagine seeing Jim West battle James McGrath for ultimate biblioblog supremacy!  In any case, until we have a biblioblog BCS-style system or a playoff, I’ll have to go with the list that actually included me.

SNL: Update Thursday: Bush Endorsement

24 10 2008

Oh how I have missed Will Ferrell’s Bush, classic stuff.

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Ron Howard’s Call To Action

23 10 2008

This is for those of you who were fans of The Andy Griffith Show or Happy Days. Quite enjoyable, whatever your political persuasion might be.

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Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

22 10 2008

My name would have been Claw Washout Palin, what would your name be if the Todd and Sarah had named you?

Hulu – Saturday Night Live: Update: Palin Rap

20 10 2008

I’m not sure yet if this is hilarious or disturbing. In any case it is definitely entertaining.

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McCain on Letterman

17 10 2008

Letterman gets into it on the Ayers issue with McCain. Finally someone doesn’t put up with the insinuating/deceiving talking points.

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Homer Simpson Votes

3 10 2008

Ever wonder which presidential candidate Homer Simpson would vote for? Well now you can find out, although I heard that this clip was leaked and won’t be up for long.

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Palin vs. 24

30 09 2008

The reaction shots of Tony, Mike Novak, etc. are hillarious in this clip.  Remind me of Nero playing the violin as Rome burned, except here its Palin playing the flute as the USA gets nuked.

Saturday Night Live and Israel

5 08 2008

In my random internet searches I stumbled across a SNL sketch from 1992 called “Sabra Price is Right” featuring Tom Hanks (as well as Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, etc).  It is really funny and is a proper satire of sabras and general middle eastern haggling.