Fellowship Update

7 08 2011

I have been extremely busy over the last couple weeks.  I finished my survey work, scanned material in the Salt Museum, worked on getting my project report in to the DOAJ, and worked on my ACOR fellow’s lecture.  All of this is now done and its back to scanning.

During the last few weeks we realized that the amount of pottery (115 crates worth) I have to sort is too great to finish in August and so I am now staying through October.  So this last week was also taken up with changing my ticket (a huge process) and finding a place to stay.  I found a nice little one bedroom near the University of Jordan.  It has a small washing machine, a kitchenette, and wireless so I am all set.  I will now be returning on the 30th of October (and then two weeks later flying out to San Francisco for the annual archaeology meetings).

One of the main things I was working on for the fellows talk and the department report were new maps for Safut made using the GPS points I took during the survey work.  Below are two maps, the first showing the areas excavated (compared to the original site map) and the second showing the possibilities of the software with georeferenced pictures of areas A-C and the perimeter walls highlighted.

New Site Map

Old Site Map




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