Survey Work Complete

24 07 2011

Yesterday I completed my survey work at Safut.  With the help of my wife Angela (and kids) and James (a fellow fellow) we successfully took pictures of areas A, B, C, and L using a boom camera setup.

We took off from ACOR around 6AM and finished taking pictures around 1PM.  I had to take GPS readings on points we marked throughout the pictures areas and I didn’t finish until 3PM.  A long but successful day.  The purpose of marking points within each picture area is to georectify the pictures in ArcMap later.  This allows the pictures to be aligned accurately for photomosaic purposes, for easy comparison of drawn top plans, and to actually draw new top plans if necessary.

Over the week of my permit I was able to set up some new control points on the tell (tied in to the UTM 36N grid, which is the most accurate designation for this part of Jordan), mark out the areas excavated, map the visible walls, create a new topographic map, and take pictures of the main excavated areas.  Now to process everything.  Tomorrow I am off to the Salt Archaeological Museum to take 3D scans of the whole vessels located there.



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