Survey Work

18 07 2011

Friday I setup a new grid at Safut using the GPS RTK system we use at Tall Jalul.  Saturday I planned on walking the site and gathering points to make a new topographic map, but the GPS rover unit would not communicate with the base station.  I spent four hours trying to fix it.  Eventually, with the help of my friend Matt back in the States, I realized that one of the radio channels had been switched from 10 to 0.  I have no idea how this happened, no one should have any reason to change the channel.  In any case, that afternoon I mapped all of the areas that had been excavated and yesterday spent 10 hours walking all over the site for the topographic map.  I calculated that I walked over 3000m in distance and elevation change.  This afternoon I will (hopefully) finish taking points for the topo map, I just have the very steep slopes down to the wadi left to walk.  Tomorrow I will map the architectural features at the site and be almost done.

The slopes on the right are what I must traverse today.

For a nice account (with pictures!) of an afternoon working at the site see my wife’s blog.



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22 07 2011
Robert Benke

Mr. Chestnut, I am a former student of Don Wimmer when he was at Seton Hall University, back in 1990ish. Would you be so kind to send me his email?

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