Dissertation Weekly #10

18 06 2011

The past two weeks have been void of writing.  The time has been spent scanning and drawing pottery full time.  I’m afraid the remainder of my time here might take that form.  However there are still plenty of sentences to pick from, so here we go.

The recording system used by the Tell Safut Project differed from its first five seasons to its last five seasons.

During its first five seasons a simple recording form was used, which was a variation of the forms created for the Tell Heshbon excavations carried out by Andrews University in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  This form included basic information such as “progress of excavation” and “locus description” allowing for narrative recording.  There was also a second sheet for “associated pottery.” During the second five seasons the Tell Safut Project used a version of the Madaba Plains Project recording notebook designed by Larry Herr.  Unlike the old forms, these new forms contained many detailed prompts for filling out data.  Unfortunately if the person filling out the information isn’t properly trained or properly supervised errors occur and details are left out.  These things happened repeatedly in the excavation notebooks.



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