Lebanon Day 4

11 06 2011

Not much to report on this day.  We slept in a little bit and then did some shopping in the Old Souk of Souk Mikael.  It was unclear to me whether this souk is actually old or if it is built to look old.  Nonetheless they have done a good job of making it appear old, with a cobbler, weaver, and other local craftsman intermingled with more touristy shops and authentic Lebanese restaurants.  We purchased a few trinkets for the kids, so they would have something to remember Lebanon, and wandered around the souk.  We left in plenty of time to make it to the Beirut National Museum and still make it to the airport to drop off our rental car in time so we wouldn’t have to pay for an extra day.  But, of course, traffic was bumper to bumper from when we got on the highway through Beirut.  The day before there had been some traffic but this day it was terrible.  What should have taken us 30-40 minutes tops, took 2 hours. Oh, and we got lost.  By the time we figured out where the museum was and made it through all that traffic we decided to head to the airport.  We made it about 20 minutes before the car was due, so its a good idea we skipped the museum.

We had an incredibly busy four days, packed full of sites and new experiences.  I was itching to get up to Baalbek and Anjar in the Beqa’ah Valley, but we decided against it because of general safety concerns.  Angela reminded me that this was just our first time to Lebanon and not our only time.  And despite getting lost and getting in an accident it was a really fun trip.



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