DIssertation Weekly #8

4 06 2011

I think next week I will come back to my Late Bronze chapter, but today I wanted to highlight what I accomplished this week: I finished another chapter!  I kind of feel like it is cheating because the chapter is only four pages, but an important four.  The Hellenistic Period at Safut was the subject of the chapter and of the following sentence:

While working through pottery from the late Iron Age, four storage jar rims were identified that did not fit in the corpus of the late Iron Age IIC/Persian Period.

These four storage jar rims ended up dating to the 3rd-2nd centuries BCE.  Now, you might ask “What is so important about four rims?”  Well, previously no Hellenistic presence of any kind had been found at the site.  One of the rims was almost almost complete and consisted of four sherds spread across four different loci.  So it seems unlikely that this was a case of a traveler or two stopping by the site and discarding some broken vessel.




2 responses

6 01 2012
Niels Groot

It could well be Late Persian as Tell Deir ‘Alla phase III has exact similar rims. But is always difficult to judge from pictures. I have finished my PhD-thesis on ceramics from Iron Age IIc-PErsian period Deir ‘Alla. If you want, I can send it to you as pdf.

All the best,

Niels Groot

6 01 2012

Thanks for info Niels, the late Persian-Hellenistic periods are outside my area of expertise so any new data, especially from a site so close to Safut, would be greatly appreciated. My email is theodc@hotmail.com. I can send you the drawings of the storage jars so you can see what you think.

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