Towers of Pottery

2 06 2011

Yesterday was the big day.  Time to take a truck over to the Department of Antiquities warehouse and load up all the Safut pottery and bring it back to ACOR.  One of the staff here arranged for a truck, driven by a Palestinian, with two Egyptian workers for 85 JD.  At first I thought this was a lot, but after the effort we all put in I would say it was well worth it.  I wasn’t aware that there would be other workers so I brought my friends Matt and Justin along to help.  We had to package up 35 whole and restored vessels and 115 crates of pottery.  Somehow we ended up with 135 crates and I was very confused, but after getting all the crates moved here to ACOR I recounted: there were 115 from Safut, 11 from Jerash, and 2 undetermined.  So not only did the workers miscount, but they also gave me some Jerash pottery.  We somehow fit everything onto the truck and made our way slowly over to ACOR with me in the truck and Justin following with the Egyptian workers in a taxi.

We managed to fit everything into my allotted space at ACOR and I now have towers of pottery.



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