Dissertation Weekly #5

11 05 2011

Apparently I missed the weekly installation last week, sometimes time just flies by.  In any case, dissertation weekly is back!  Hopefully there will be a second one later in the week, to make up for last week.  I wanted to focus on pottery this week.

Eleven of the sherds (46%) can be classified as some version of Chocolate-on-White ware (CW) and another six sherds have paint on them but do not fit the classification requirements for CW (Fischer 1999).

This sentence is part of the discussion on the Middle Bronze pottery found at Safut.  Based on parallels I was able to determine that the Middle Bronze occupation at the site should date to the MBIIC period or around 1550 BCE.  In this time period the site has more similarities with sites to the north along the Jordan Valley such as Tall Abu al-Kharaz,  Tall Deir Allah, and Jericho, than with sites to the south such as Tall al-Umayri, Sahab, Madaba, etc.  The point of the sentence quoted was to show that 71% of MB diagnostic sherds recovered from Safut are fine ware (as opposed to storage jars, cooking pots, etc…).  Unfortunately, no architectural remains from this period have been found (although the acropolis perimeter wall might date to this time), but the quality of the pottery hints at what kind of remains are waiting to be found.



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