Another Visit to Safut

4 04 2011

I had several goals to accomplish once I arrived at Safut yesterday.  First, on the last trip I thought I had found the elusive Area K.  It was excavated in 1997 but never placed on a topographic map of the site.  No final top plans were ever drawn of the area, and when Professor Wimmer and I visited the site we had a hard time locating it.  So this time I uploaded all the area photos and top plans onto my Iphone and went to the area that Ang and I found last time.  As you can see from the pictures below, although the angle isn’t quite right, Area K has been found!




The second goal was to closely examine the cut in the side of the tell, created when they expanded the highway from Amman north to Jerash.  I had never walked along the road and looked closely at the section.  As cars whizzed by me down the hill I walked along the road taking pictures, and the whole thing was bedrock with no evidence of any artificial presence.

The third goal was to drive all around the site, viewing it from different perspectives, taking pictures, and looking for the Roman/Byzantine remains mentioned by early explorers to the area.  I was able to make it all around the tell, it really is an impressive site, dominating the area.  As for the Roman/Byzantine remains, mainly Romans tombs and a possible Byzantine church, I could only locate Ottoman period buildings in the modern town of Safut.  I will have to explore that area more, because there seemed to be a spring or well in the center.  That fact combined with the Ottoman remains suggest that other remains might be near by.  It was definitely a successful visit.