Day 6 at ACOR

9 03 2011

We have finally started settling in to our life here at ACOR.  Jack has slept through the night twice in a row, Angela is finishing cleaning the apartment and putting everything away, and I am on my second day of writing.  We now have a cell phone and our rental car is due in today.  We are renting a car for two months, one month now and another month in July when I do my survey work at Safut.  We are renting a car for this month because I will (hopefully) be running around to the various locations where Safut material is held.  There is material in the DAJ warehouse, the Amman Citadel Museum, and the Salt Archaeological Museum.  I meet with the DAJ person in charge of the museums and warehouses on Sunday.  So hopefully I will have access to the material soon after.  Barbara Porter, director of ACOR, suggested we get permission to bring the Safut material to ACOR for my time in Jordan.  Hopefully this will happen, as it would save me a lot of time.

Here are a few pics from around ACOR:

on the roof at ACOR



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