Day One at ACOR

4 03 2011

After a long night with the children we awoke at 130PM.  Jack woke up in the middle of the night and after screaming for Grandma’s house and throwing up on Angela’s face I finally got him back to sleep around 3AM. Angela has had the flu, both the kids are sick, and I’m getting over a cold.  So, suffice to say, we didn’t get much done today.  Jack and I explored the building and its environs (including a Roman farmstead, Khirbet Salameh, that was excavated when the building was constructed), I inquired about rental cars and attempted to get the GPS working on my iphone (partially successful, google maps now recognizes I am in Amman and not Chicago, but still no satellites).

Tomorrow we hope to get some groceries and unpack, and I will finish a letter to the Department of Antiquities formally requesting permission to survey at Safut and access the DAJ warehouse (I have already been assured access, the letter is required).  Below are a few pics around ACOR (American Center of Oriental Research).



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