This Blog is Sexy

7 01 2011

At least according to the Biblioblog Top 50 it is.  This blog was number 43 for the month of December.  For those of you who don’t know, this list is not to be confused with the top 10 list, the top 20 list, or the other top 50 list.  I personally think this is a bit ridiculous and agree with Bob Cargill that we need some kind of awesome BCS style system.  That being said as a big fan of college football, I hate the BCS, perhaps a playoff system is needed instead.  Just imagine seeing Jim West battle James McGrath for ultimate biblioblog supremacy!  In any case, until we have a biblioblog BCS-style system or a playoff, I’ll have to go with the list that actually included me.



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7 01 2011

The top 10 and top 50 have all been consolidated by NT Wrong’s Top 50 Biblioblogs site (the top 20 is gone). Jeremy will track the top 50, Daniel will track the top 10, and Tom will take care of the comprehensive list, the search engine, and the carnival links. It would be a simple matter to combine the two rankings and derive an overall top 10.

7 01 2011

Great news, thanks for the update!

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