16 11 2010

I have been absent from this blog the last couple weeks because I have been preparing a paper and powerpoint presentation for the annual (ASOR) archaeology meetings in atlanta. Once I return I will post the paper and corresponding powerpoint. The presentation is on the middle bronze age at Tall Safut and is entitled “The Middle Bronze Age at Tall Safut: To Glacis or Not to Glacis.”

Tonight myself and two other archaeology grad students will be road tripping down to Atlanta. We have to drive overnight because Jacob has a meeting at 2PM. I will be attending both ASOR and SBL meetings and hope to do a few blog posts on the more interesting sessions.

A few of the highlights from ASOR should be:

-Philistia and the Philistines During the Iron Age (chaired by Aren Maeir and Jeffrey Chadwick my former director and supervisor at Tell es-Safi)

-Archaeology of Jordan I: Bronze and Iron Ages (but I might be biased, this is the session I’m presenting in)

-Reconstructing Ancient (Biblical) Israel: The Exact and Life Science Perspective. An Atlanta 2010 Update (this is the preliminary results on a joint project of Tel Aviv University (Israel Finkelstein) and the Weizmann Institute which employs science and new technologies to answer questions regarding archaeology and ancient Israel)

-Technology in Archaeology (pretty self-explanatory)

-Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages, I (including reports on Shechem, Megiddo, and Jaffa)

-Warfare, Empire, and Society in the Ancient Near East I

-“The MB-­LB Transition and the Role of Egypt’s New Kingdom in Forming Southern Levantine Culture, Settlement Patterns, and Society” (paper by Joe Uziel, special interest to me due to the transitional nature of the MB ceramic assemblage from Safut)

-Current Issues in Biblical Archaeology (focusing on Jerusalem and the City of David, with Andrew Vaughn, Amihai Mazar, Avraham Faust, and Garth Gilmour presenting)


I’ll post some of the SBL highlights later in the week.





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