Pottery! At Last!

23 10 2010

Apologies for not posting more regularly, life has been quite busy. Bill Dever was here for a few days last week, so that took up some time and of course I’ve been hard at work on the dissertation.  My main focus over the last several weeks has been twofold, first making sure I have everything digitized so I can write while I’m in Jordan, and second getting the gui interface running smoothly.  Finally I have conquered the program and finished drawing all of my Middle Bronze Age pottery.  Just in time because I only have a month to write that chapter and prepare my ASOR paper based on it.  As a sneak preview, and to demonstrate the wonders of the program. I put together a plate of my MB bowls.

You can ignore the scale, because I had to downsize it for the blog.  I’ve been working on parallels, and the most helpful volume so far has been “The chronology of the Jordan Valley during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages : Pella, Tell Abu Al-Kharaz, and Tell Deir ʻAlla” edited by Peter Fischer.



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