New Header

19 08 2010

I decided the blog needed a slight face lift, to go along with the restart.  The new header is a cosmetic palette excavated at Safut in 1983, measuring 7.5cm in diameter.  It was located in A1 extension and dates to the 6th century BCE. It has exact parallels from sites such as Tall al-Umayri (Platt 1991: fig. 10:44), Tawilan (Bienkowski 1995: fig. 9.16:3,5), Tall al-Mazar (Yassine 1984: fig. 56:180), Deir Alla, Dhiban, as well as sites in Cisjordan such as Samaria, Tell Beit Mirsim, and Shechem where the palettes date between 700-500 BCE.  The second palette was found during 1985 in C2, my temporary phase 6 which is a destruction level dating to the early 7th century BCE.

The object is located in the Salt Archaeological Museum. The majority of nice finds from the site are on display in this museum.  The museum is located in the Ottoman capital city of Jordan (northwest of Amman) and housed in a former mansion of one of the first queens of Jordan.

Bienkowski, P.

1995    Excavations at Tawilan in Southern Jordan. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Platt, E.E.

1991   The Objects. Pp. 246-265 in Madaba Plains Project: The 1987 Season at Tell el-‘Umeiri and Vicinity and Subsequent Studies, eds. L.G. Herr, L.T. Geraty, O.S. LaBianca, and R.W. Younker.  Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press.

Yassine, K.

1984    Tell el Mazar I: Cemetery A. Amman: University of Jordan.




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