New Header

19 08 2010

I decided the blog needed a slight face lift, to go along with the restart.  The new header is a cosmetic palette excavated at Safut in 1983, measuring 7.5cm in diameter.  It was located in A1 extension and dates to the 6th century BCE. It has exact parallels from sites such as Tall al-Umayri (Platt 1991: fig. 10:44), Tawilan (Bienkowski 1995: fig. 9.16:3,5), Tall al-Mazar (Yassine 1984: fig. 56:180), Deir Alla, Dhiban, as well as sites in Cisjordan such as Samaria, Tell Beit Mirsim, and Shechem where the palettes date between 700-500 BCE.  The second palette was found during 1985 in C2, my temporary phase 6 which is a destruction level dating to the early 7th century BCE.

The object is located in the Salt Archaeological Museum. The majority of nice finds from the site are on display in this museum.  The museum is located in the Ottoman capital city of Jordan (northwest of Amman) and housed in a former mansion of one of the first queens of Jordan.

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Back Again

19 08 2010

In the immortal words of Timbaland:

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to.

It has been a long time since I last posted and I apologize for not giving you that archaeological beat to intellectually step to (or something like that).  It has been over a year and I profusely apologize.  Last summer I excavated for almost two months and spent that time keeping up the Jalul Dig Blog.  After I returned to the States my time was occupied with studying for and taking my PhD exams (which I passed with flying colors).  The scholarly meetings and holidays happened, then it was time to dive in to researching and writing my dissertation.  It was during this time that I should have started blogging again (seeing has how that is kind of the point of the blog), but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to put digital pen to digital pad.  I excavated again at Jalul this past May, then went on vacation and now here I am, back on the blog.

I am working on researching and writing the dissertation, as well as working in the archaeology building here at Andrews University.  In the spring I found out that I had received an ACOR fellowship, meaning I will be spending 6 months in 2011 living in Amman (along with my wife Angela, son Jack, and our new baby) and working on my dissertation.  This fellowship is the real impetus for returning to blogging because it will be the best way to share my experiences in Jordan to those back in the States.  However in the meantime quite a bit has happened (and will be happening) on the dissertation and in my scholarly life, and I will be regularly updating the blog once again.