Dissertation Proposal

28 04 2009

I’ve posted my dissertation proposal to the publications page.  It seems that Andrews, unlike most universities, has a class dedicated to the proposal process.  I am very glad for the class and especially the abilities of Dr. Matthews.  He guides us through all the mundane minutia of formatting.  I suppose this is necessary to prepare us for the dissertation writing process, but it seems that the formatting is overly particular and random.  My proposal was somewhat shorter than the others in class, mainly because my dissertation will be a straightforward, scientific archaeological site report.  There were five of us in class, one other archaeology student (writing on archaeological evidence for Uzziah’s building projects), one doing systematic theology, one doing early church history, and one doing christian education.  Of the five only myself and the other archaeology student completed the proposal in time to defend it at the upcoming Ph.D committee meeting.



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