My Baby Boy

9 02 2009

Most of my time lately has been taken up with Jack, who is now a little over 5 weeks old.  Here are two videos of the little one.



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12 02 2009
Forest Rittgers

Enjoyed the videos and the major changes in Jack over the past few weeks. He even sings and dances – probably in prep for the visit of his grandparents. Really nice that you were able to watch the inauguration with him. That will be a lifelong memory for you (and probably for him after you tell him about it every 4 years). I marched in the 1953 Inauguration Parade with the Summerall Guards (a precision drill team), Band and Color Guard from The Citadel. We were part of the South Carolina contingent, not too far behind the elephants. While it was a cold day, it was not cold enough to
make the elephant dung freeze. So, we had a tough time dodging the copious loads that were arrayed throughout the parade route. It was amusing to read of the staggering number of port-potties provided for the 2009 inauguration
festivities. In 1953, no one had even heard of a porta-pottie. The subject of where to relieve one’s self during the many hours of waiting before the parade started wasn’t even
broached. One either tied a knot in it or put a plug in it. If nothing else, however, cadets were resourceful and shared a brick wall in a nearby alley with midshipmen from the USNA while we all waited in our assembly areas prior to the beginning of the parade. President Eisenhower and Vice-President Nixon stood in front of the reviewing stand and saluted as each contingent marched by. It was one of the highlights of my cadet days.

13 02 2009

Thanks Forest. Thats a great story about Eisenhower’s inauguration. I don’t think they have elephants in the parade anymore, probably with good reason.

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