Jack David

2 01 2009

Happy to announce that Jack David Chesnut was born on January 2nd, 2009 at 4:37 PM.  He weighs 7lb 6oz and has a lot of light brown hair.  Ang came through it wonderfully although we are both exhausted (having not really slept in two nights).  Just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns.




6 responses

5 01 2009
Forest Rittgers

Congratulations to the 3 of you and to the also proud Grammies and Grampies. Jack David appears to have the determined Chesnut chin. The only thing better than being parents is being grandparents. Will explain why when you are less euphoric. With love and blessings, Sally and Forest

6 01 2009
John Hobbins

Fabulous. He will make you more patient, and therefore, a better archaeologist.

Among other, more important things, of course.

6 01 2009

Thanks Forest and Sally!

Haha, I’m sure he will, thanks John!

11 01 2009

That’s a good lookin’ kid. Congrats!

11 01 2009

thanks, Ryan!

26 01 2009
Angel Lo

hi jack, you really really cutie, ‘jack david’ its my frist bf’s name, so i try to search his name on google…….

bless wishes,

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