First Article Published

5 12 2008

Yesterday I received my copy of NEASB (Near Eastern Archaeological Society Bulletin) which contains my first article “Israelite Expansion Process in the Iron Age II: A Chalk Moat Perspective.”  A very exciting moment for me, although it was strange, in a way, to see it in published form.  I’m going to read through it today and see if it reads like I wanted it too.

I’ll be posting it on my publications page along with a book review of Richard Hess’ “Israelite Religions” and some conference papers.



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5 12 2008
Uri Hurwitz

Where can one read your review of Hess “Israeli Religions”?

Have you ever checked out Kitchen’s “On the Reliability of the Old Testament”? Or De Moor’s “The Rise of Yahwism(second ed.)”?

I didn’t know where to put these questions, so I chose the first window of opportunity.

Congrats on your first published article!


5 12 2008

Thanks Uri! I just posted the Hess review on the new publications page at the top of the blog. Otherwise it can be read in the 2008 issue of NEASB.
I have read Kitchen’s book, haven’t had a chance to read De Moor’s though. What’s your opinion of it?

5 12 2008
Mom and Dad

congratulations O!
the first of many to come!

6 12 2008
Darrell J. Rohl

Congrats Owen! I look forward to reading it.

6 12 2008
Uri Hurwitz

You wrote:
“I just posted the Hess review on the new publications page at the top of the blog”

Sadly, could not ind it. Any assistance to the computer challanged?


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