Random Day at ASOR

3 12 2008

For those of you unable to attend the annual meetings or who wonder what they are like I thought I would post a typical day from Boston.  This day was the longest for me and should help explain why I couldn’t post more during the meetings.

5:15 AM – Wake up, get ready, and eat breakfast.  My wife and I were staying with my sister who lives in Gloucester to save money.

6:15 AM – Drive in to the Westin Waterfront.  It normally takes 45 minutes from Gloucester but with traffic we were told to figure 1.5 hours.  Since I was presenting first session I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late (especially since we were using my computer).

7:50 AM – Arrive and park in the Convention Center lot ($10/day!).

8:05 AM – Walk into Harbor I, for Archaeology of Jordan I session.

8:35 AM – Session begins due to problems with first presenter’s Power Point.

10:00 AM – Present on “A Reassesment of the Excavations at Tall Safut.”

10:35 AM – Discuss some of the intricacies of the Safut pottery with Larry Herr.

10:45-12:15 PM – Individual Submissions II session including Kyle Keimer “The Bronze and Iron Age Fortifications at Jaffa”, Rami Arav and the infamous Kh. Qeiyafa presentation by Yosef Garfinkel (both of which I have already blogged about).

12:30-2:00 PM – Over lunch a roundtable on the role of Empires in the Levant run by Oystein LaBianca (one of my professors).  We heard about the new Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land which should be an amazing resource for Levantine archaeology (definitely check it out, if only for the PEF Maps, Google Map queries and virtual museum). I sat at Tom Levy’s table for discussion of Empires in Early Antiquity.

2:15-2:30 PM – Had a quick lunch.

2:45-3:05 PM – Heard Anson Rainey present on “Involvement of Tel Zafit (Tell es-Safi) in the Amarna Correspondence.”  Always interesting and lively, Anson also gave everyone an informative handout with his translations of the texts.

3:10-4:15 PM – Took a break from sessions to look at books and make plans for the evening.

4:15-5:45 PM – Archaeology of Religion II session, including papers on Phoenician Art and Religion, Terra Cotta Shrines from Iron Age jordan, and Judahite Pillar Figurines.

6:15 PM – Drove to Cambridge to meet friends for dinner and drinks.

7:00 PM – After finding free parking (yes, this took a long time), we met my sister and her boyfriend, and a good friend from college (working on his MA in Philosophy at BC) and his wife at the Middle East Club.

9:00 PM – Drove back to Gloucester and hung out at the apartment of my sister’s boyfriend.

12:00 AM – Eventually fell asleep after making plan of action for the session of the following day.

6:30 AM – Woke up and did it all over again.



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