Middle Bronze at Safut

25 11 2008

Safut is known for having a MB glacis, based on a report by Ma’ayeh after observing a cut made into the tell by bulldozers when expanding the highway from Amman to Jerash (1960 AJDA).  Wimmer attempted to address this question by opening two squares (D1 & 2, see site map in previous post) above the cut.


There is no question that the bedrock was cut in antiquity as foundation for the crowning wall, and that the composition of the inclined place agreed with the earlier description, except that no certain signs of plaster appeared. It could have weathered away, or have been removed by the 1950s construction…It should be noted that the crowning wall, as it was called, is curved, and that the segment on the west has its counterpart on the east as is evident in a pre-excavation slide. Excavation produces only MB/LB Bronze Age pottery in the layers immediately above the glacis itself which proved to be sterile (Wimmer 1987a: 279).


After more bulldozing was done no cross section of the glacis appeared and so brought into question its existence. Although at the very least there appears to have been added fortifications in this area. WimmerWimmer 1992: 896).  There is no pure MB stratigraphy, the pottery was always mixed with LB. later reports that what was thought to be a glacis is nothing more than a natural geological formation.

So it is interesting that the majority of MBIIB/C pottery was only found in area D.  Perhaps the original cut into the tell eliminated most of the glacis, which would have only been located on the southern half of the tell where the hills of Suweileh looked down on the tell.  Or perhaps there was no glacis.  For now we will have to see that there is no evidence of a MB glacis, but there is evidence of a MB occupation (but no architecture yet).






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