Two Years Later

9 11 2008

This will probably be my last post on the election and probably my last on politics for awhile, but I thought the difference between these two maps is fairly astonishing and speaks to the work that Obama and his team has done.

The first map is from a Survey USA poll taken in 2006 where they put together all different combinations of possible presidential candidates to see who would come out ahead.


And then this next map shows the current results of the election.




3 responses

9 11 2008

that is really messed up, they gave California to McCain? What?

Anyways, great blog you’ve got here and I am looking forward to new posts.

9 11 2008

Survey USA polled 600 people in each state, but yeah its a little unbelievable that all those “blue” states are red. It just shows how unknown Obama was at that point.

20 11 2008

That second map, the actual election results looks a lot like the one I see at who did an excellent job of projecting the election’s outcome.

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