Focus on Fear

3 11 2008

Jim Wallis (Christian author and minister) succinctly states what I felt when reading Focus on the Family’s “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America.”  This letter represents an all time low for Focus on the Family and James Dobson, an organization and individual who I used to greatly respect and admire.  However, this letter represents fear mongering at its worst.  Unfortunately I know many who will read it and believe everything that it says.  I am sad on this election eve that something so divisive would be published by a well regarded Christian organization.



One response

12 11 2008
Forest Rittgers

I really had to shake my head after slogging through this diatribe. Many years ago, I sent a $25 donation to Focus on the Family and haven’t been able to get off their mailing list since. Even a recent cross-country move didn’t shake them. That said, I share your concern about this kind of fear mongering. Certainly not worthy of what was once a highly respected Christian voice. As for Dr. Dobson, he’s apparently losing it – unfortunately what happens to many high profile evangelicals.

The essential premise in this piece is that the Supreme Court will undergo dramatic change in the next few years. Probably a correct premise. The rest of the doomsday scenario is based on that premise and gets pretty wild. It will be interesting to file this away until 2012 or 2016 and see if any of it comes to pass. Hopefully, not.

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