Hulu – Saturday Night Live: VP Debate Open: Palin / Biden

5 10 2008

Once again Tina Fey graces us with her imitation of Sarah Palin. I think good satire includes exaggeration and possible truth, but not necessarily truth the actual person being satirized would believe to be accurate. So, unlike most SNL, this skit qualifies as good satire in my book, funny stuff.

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3 responses

8 10 2008
Forest Rittgers

Great blog, Owen. I especially like the title.

Your take on the SNL skits has been interesting to follow. While you don’t come right out and say that Tina Fey would strengthen the Republican ticket, it must have crossed your mind!

You didn’t comment on what I think was a more significant skit last Saturday – the one on the economic bailout. Especially, the couple who bundled sub-prime mortgages and sold them to Wachovia for a tidy profit in the billions. I understand that’s a true story. Of equal concern is the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac despite concerns being raised for the past 9 years about their lending practices and misrepresentations. Congress refused to act, caving to the pressures of those who insisted it was in our national interest to make home ownership available to all without regard to their means. So, the skit of the 2 guys who met all of the criteria (no credit, no jobs, criminal records, no payments except a balloon down the road) really put an exclamation point on the state of government oversight.

8 10 2008

Thanks for reading Forest! Hope you and Sally are well. Yeah, I agree the economic bailout skit was good too. Again, like you said, because of the large amount of truth in it. So it didn’t need to be overly exaggerated to be funny.

11 10 2008
movie fan

so THAT’s why they were trying so hard to keep Palin away from live TV coverage

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