John Bush

5 09 2008

Tom Ridge screws up, or perhaps not?  Anyways a brilliant sound clip for new ads.



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7 10 2008

Well, I believe he did it on purpose. It wasn’t a screw up it’s just another way for the media to try to brain wash America that he is just like Bush, when in fact he disagree’s with several things except tax cuts. Obama too tries to connect him to bush, to try to avoid the fact that Obama has no experience and he keeps saying change….Change isn’t always good. What he doesn’t promise is that it will be a good change. More than likely it’ll be a change from Democracy to Socialism, that’s what most liberals want. Complete control of America, just like a nation wide Insurance plan. News people that is stupid. What happens to Canada’s National Insurance Coverage Plan when they run out of money? They don’t turn down people’s surgeries because there is no money for it. Well, we could have operated on your arm to fix it, but couldn’t afford to so we just lopped it off. My brother lives in Australia and they too have a National Health Care system. He pays HIGH taxes for Health Care but still refuses to use it. He went out and got his own insurance plan because he said the national coverage was crappy, and wasn’t worth using especially if it was surgery. So he gets the crap taxed out of him for something he doesn’t even use.

8 10 2008

I think you are slightly confused. Tom Ridge is a Republican and a good friend of John McCain’s, who at one point was considered a top candidate for VP.

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