29 08 2008

Interesting analysis of McCain’s VP choice Sarah Palin (R-AK) and his general economic plan here.  I basically share the same concerns about Palin, lack of experience (I mean 4 years as mayor of 9,000 person town and 2 years as governor of one of the least populated states, really?) and possible ethics violations (see here).  It seems as if McCain is trying too hard to appeal to the evangelicals in the party (Palin is very conservative and a solid Christian) and the Clinton PUMA’s (Palin is a woman).

I would have much prefered Huckabee, who wasn’t even vetted, or Romney because at least there would have been some spirited VP debates.  Both bring way more to the table in terms of experience and both appeal to evangelicals.  So that leaves two factors for McCain choosing Palin; he dislikes and doesn’t get along with Huckabee and Romney, and neither of them is a woman.  Perhaps not the best way to choose your VP candidate.

In any case it was a very interesting pick, and will hopefully usher in an interesting election season, full of debate over the issues and not ad hominem attacks.



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29 08 2008
VP : businessuu

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30 08 2008

It’s certainly not going to be a boring election year. It hasn’t so far, probably won’t go dull now.

Anyone remember Ron Paul? I miss that guy.


30 08 2008
Darrell J. Rohl

I have to say this was a gigantic shock. I had completely expected the choice to be Romney or Pawlenty. This is a big risk for McCain, but I’m kind of glad he made this choice: this adds a whole new dimension to the race with Palin’s total outsider status, gender and record (granted, it’s very short in years) of standing up to crooked Republicans. She might got clobbered by Biden in the debates, but I’ve been told by a couple Alaskan friends that I might be surprised… we’ll have to see.

31 08 2008

Yeah, definitely adds some intrigue to the whole thing.

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