Hobbins on Trinity

19 08 2008

In a string of posts on his blog (beginning here and continuing for several posts), John Hobbins makes some very salient points about Barack Obama, his salvation, his church, african-american churches in general, and church in general.  I love the atmosphere that John describes, with Baptists holding signs reading “God Hates Obama” and black men distributing Black Magazine.  It makes me miss Chicago, not to mention the actual service at TUCC, which is really something to behold as well, so colorful, worshipful, you can feel God’s presence even in the description.

Essentially his posts just make me sad and a little angry, not at Republicans or Democrats, but at the media for sensationalizing and Christians especially for judging.  If only everyone could go to this church for a service, or at the very least read John’s posts.



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