Class Prep

5 08 2008

I’ve begun preparing to teach my first class ANTH 205: Intro to Archaeology.  I’ll be using “Archaeology: The Science of the Human Past” by Mark Sutton and Rober Yohe II.  This will be the first time I teach a whole semester long class on my own, so it is a little intimidating.  The actual class time will be fine, I enjoy teaching and speaking to groups of people.  Even creating the syllabus has been smooth sailing.  Since its an intro class I can base the syllabus around the book, and throw in a few “fun” assignments.  The hard part is the actual prep work that goes into the powerpoint/lecture for each class period.  Hopefully I can manage to spend the proper amount of time preparing, because sometimes I can get a little too focused on the aesthetics of the pp presentation.  Well, I’ll see how it goes and will give updates along the way.  Just another step towards moving from a PhD student to a professor (someday).



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