Site Map

27 06 2008

Area A is below B where “road construction” appears. The highway is in the lower corner to the left of ‘meters’ A good chunk is gone, but substantial part remains (1982-83 & 85) (Iron IIC/Persian).

Area B Squares 1-6 dug in 82,83. The deity was in B5 (LB/Iron I/Iron II).

Area C 1-3 in 1982, ff.; C 4ff continue north 5 m and then east (Iron II/Persian).

Area D 1-2, (the letter is clearly seen) (1982 only) is the so-called ‘glacis’.

Area E is off the tell to the far right, no longer discernible due to highway expansion.

Area F is over the hill and down at roughly the elevation of A & D. It is the northern perimeter wall, such as it is. Has a little tower built inside the wall with a narrow entrance at the bottom (Iron II).

Area G is way down just above where the springs emerge and trickle into what was Wadi Suweileh which ran toward the tell (Iron Age tomb).

Area H is clear across the wadi to the west where settlement picked up at the demise of the mound (Roman/Byz).

Area J is a long shallow strip which articulates construction (13 squares) to prohibit building which the owner was seeking to do. That means there is unexcavated broad space between squares on the top and Area J and another unexcavated broad space below, Area L (Iron II).

Area K was an attempt to find a gate, but revealed small domestic quarters instead.

Area L has the most impressive architecture, going down 7 courses of 50 mm high stones, the largest of which is the largest hewn stone on the site (Iron II/Persian).

Plaster wall occurred in A.1, B 5 & 6 (reddish in B) gray in A and L .

I will update in a few weeks with a new topo map showing all areas.



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