Area L of Tall Safut

23 06 2008

Area L was excavated during three seasons from 1997-1999.  The area is located on the northeast slope of the tell and consists of a megalithic perimeter wall (running 20 m long) and large interior walls that make up several rooms.  In square L1 the wall (forming a corner) was excavated to the bottom, exposing over 3m and 6 courses of its outside face.

Square L3 (located inside the city wall) contained plaster, possibly from a roof collapse.  Also an inscribed sherd was discovered in this square.

Squares 11-15 are not included in the above top plan.  They consist of rooms with more plaster, as well as definitive late Iron IIC/Persian pottery all destroyed by fire.



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25 06 2008
John McBryde

Hello Owen,

Thank you for the update. It’s definitely nice to see how things progressed after my departure. I’m looking forward to seeing what else came to light after 97.


25 06 2008

Thanks for reading John!

13 06 2013
Regine Hunziker

Hi, who was the director of this excavation? who may keep the objects, I am particularly interested in the IA female terracotta figurines (4 heads are in Dar as-Saraya, Irbid), were there more? Was there an excavation report published? Thanks, regards, Regine

13 06 2013

Hi Regine, Professor Donald Wimmer of Seton Hall University was the director. Unfortunately he recently passed away. An excavation report was never written, I am currently working on that for my PhD dissertation. There are more female figurines located in the Salt Museum, in the Salt Museum warehouse, and in the DOJ warehouse.

13 06 2013
Regine Hunziker

Hi, I mixed up the Dar as-Saraya and the as-Salt museum, the 4 heads I mentioned are in as-Salt, I had them in my hand two weeks ago. I am very much interested in the “more female figurines” you mentioned. Can you give ne more details (how many, arch. context etc.) and send me photos? I am the director of a Franco-German figurines project, trying to compile an inventory of all the IA female terracottas from Jordan. We are taking RTIs of these figurines, next time in August 2013. The database will be accessible for further research on our website in 2015. If you are interested, please give me your email address, I will send you more information about what we are doing. Regine

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