Pottery from Safut

4 06 2008

After a long 8 hours trek to and from O’hare, I was rewarded with my first glimpse of Safut pottery.  There are essentially two crates worth of pottery from two squares in Field C, dating from the late LB-Iron II.  This amount is just an appetizer because Monday I will be driving out to Seton Hall, spending some time with Don Wimmer to go through the material, and returning with all of it.  Very exciting, kind of like Christmas.



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13 06 2008
John McBryde

Coincidentally, I volunteered at Tel Safut back in 1997. It was a great experience that I’ll always remember fondly. While excavating an outer wall, our crew was fortunate enough to find a sling stone, a seal stone with a snake image and a bronze spear point.

Do you know if there’s anything online detailing what’s new at the site?


13 06 2008

There is nothing online currently. I am working with Don Wimmer to get a website up and running, but basically if there is anything you want to know just ask. I will be posting updates on the seasons, finds, etc as I work through the material for my dissertation. After ’97 they excavated the site for three more seasons; ’98, ’99, and ’01. Mainly focusing on area L, which was started in your season and probably is where you excavated and then in the last two seasons on the top of the tell in C and B and opened J which was directly next to the dirt road up the tell.

13 06 2008
John McBryde

If I remember correctly, you’re right. We started uncovering an outer wall that was a little down from the two other areas, which were at the top of the tell. At that time, the two other areas were well along in the excavating process. Whereas, our section was basically bare ground when we started digging. It was quite interesting watching the wall as it was being revealed. Judging from the stones I uncovered it looked pretty substantial.

I’m curious to know what more they found out about area L and if they came up with anymore artifacts of interest.

At any rate, I’ll definitely follow your progress with great interest.

Best of luck to you and Professor Wimmer.


PS Are the ants still a pain in the … 🙂

14 06 2008

Area L really has a monumental wall, with large (possible administrative) building attached. I’ll be writing a little about it next week, and the ants were missing, thankfully it seems.

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