Archaeology Indy

23 05 2008

I saw Indiana Jones: KOTCS last night. It was quite enjoyable and proved itself a solid continuation of the Indy films. The action sequences were all quite well done and there were a number of nice homages to the previous films as well as to films of the late 50’s. It was well acted (I even enjoyed Shia Lebouf) and well directed, with a typical number of cheesy moments and logic-defining stunts. Basically my only problem with the movie was too many CG animals. I could have done without the groundhogs and Shia swinging like Tarzan with the monkeys. But overall I really loved it.

On an archaeology note there were the typical mistakes such as the color drawing that have been there for 4,000 to 5,000 years “older than the pyramids.” Yeah, not true. I always enjoy all the languages and dialects Indy knows and this one doesn’t disappoint. There were a couple of nice references to the “looting as archaeology” mindset that Indy so often has. He went to take a gold dagger from a mummy (after using Mutt’s to open it up), when Mutt gave him a look he said, “I’m only taking it so I don’t have to borrow yours” and then kind of sheepishly put it back. Also near the end Mack (Ray Winstone’s character) comments on how a room full of artifacts could fill many museums, by which Mack basically meant he wanted to steal everything. Indy dissuaded him from it, perhaps showing that in his old age he had been reformed (or perhaps it was just due to the dangerous situation).



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