Assyria vs. Persia (Agricultural Production)

22 05 2008

Apologies for the lack of scholarly updates, there has been a lull in the dissertation research.  I’m still waiting for the material to be sent from Jordan (it should happen any day now) and the second week in June I will head out to NJ and get the material that will make up the majority of the dissertation.  As for now I am working on a paper for my Cultural Anthropology class.  I’m focusing on the difference between Assyrian and Persian policies in Transjordan and how that affected agricultural production.  I’ve spent a lot of time researching and trying to get enough material to write something decent.  The main problem is finding any anthropological corollaries to use.



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15 01 2009

Recent excavations in Ramat Rachel indicate it was an administrative palace for hundreds of years, I believe encompassing both the Assyrian and Persian periods. Garden s were installed by brining in fertile earth. Check the work of Oded Lifshits from Tel Aviv University, and his series of publications.

15 01 2009

thanks barnea, the books on Assyria and persia that lipschits edited have been one of my main sources for agricultural production during these periods.

21 12 2010
Barnea levi selavan

Juan Manuel Tebes organized an Albright Institute conference this month on the trade zone through southern Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Egyptian and Assyrian conquests spurred economic development while allowing some autonomy, it was claimed. Not everyone agrees. The papers will be published within a year, but perhaps contact him at the university of Argentina to discuss the topic. Another discussion was whether copper production affected urban development of southern Moav, Jordan. Israel Finkelstein was showing how it is a separate area from northern Jordan.

21 12 2010

Thanks so much Barnea, I will try to contact him.

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