Recovered Pictures

12 05 2008

Unfortunately, when I was in Jordan by memory card malfunctioned on Umm al-Biyara, a mountain in Petra. I’ve managed to recover about 3/4 of the pictures, although only a couple from the summit.

Next to Qasr al-Bint there is a path leading to the trail up Umm al-Biyara (an Edomite stronghold in the 7th-6th cent. BCE).

One of the Nabatean temples at Petra

It is then a 30 minute hike to the base of mountain and then a little over an hour up to the summit.

7th-6th century BCE Edomite stronghold

Along the ascent are Edomite and Nabatean ramps and stairs.

On the summit are remains of buildings from the Edomites as well as cisterns and stones from a Nabatean temple. However you’ll have to take my word for it (or do some research of your own).



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17 09 2008

is it hard to reach umm al-biyara. do you have any recommendations? many tnx: nick

17 09 2008

Its not too hard, strenuous but not hard. Like I said in the post, when you are in Petra after walking down the Cardo turn left and follow the path behind the Qasr al-Bint. There will be a trail that goes off to the left but follow the one to the right. It is actually the trail that goes to Jebel Haurun, about 5 minutes or so down the trail there will be a sign on your right that discusses Umm al-biyara that is where the trail to the summit begins. The trails are pictured on some of the more detailed maps of Petra that are sold. Or you can always hire a Bedouin guide (but its always more fun to find it on your own). Thanks for reading, nick!

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