Politics as Usual

5 05 2008

Doesn’t it just make you long for the Clinton years.




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5 05 2008

Thinking back, Bill Clinton was not that bad of a President now was he. All these last 7 years the democrats has holler we wish we had Bill Clinton back instead of Bush the lier! Isn’t that what people were saying over and over and over again until my ears were hurting. Now that they have Hillary Clinton running for President they’re running her record down just as they where GW Bush’s record. I don’t get it…I guess it has to be that they see color! Has to be there isn’t anything else about Obama that sticks out in his records except he didn’t vote on the issues most of the time….Oh well has to be color they see!!

5 05 2008
5 05 2008

What you say about Bill is true, unfortunately the biggest detriment to Bill’s legacy, seemingly, is Hillary’s campaign.

5 05 2008

As for the article, I think the point is that no matter how you cut it, politicians will be politicians, and the sooner everyone realizes that the better.

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