A Room of Walls

23 04 2008

We have finished excavating in my square because the room we are digging is full of walls. The Persian period walls are maybe 10 ft high and at the bottom runs a two course wall diagonally through the room, and below that is another wall running into the diagonal wall. So while very exciting, it is also very confusing. The small, maybe 2ft square area of dirt in the corner has pottery from the Iron II, I, LB, and maybe and MB sherd.

Field D, Square 3

So I have been digging in Scottie’s area, in the other half of the room separated by the balk. Although I am digging through mostly fill, wall collapse, and destruction the majority of pottery dates to the Iron IIC/Persian and I have been finding a substantial amount of objects. Several ceramic jar stoppers, many basalt grinder fragments, lithics, pounder stones, whetstone, parts of a saddle quern, two large mortars, and a small (hand sized) sandstone grinder (very unique, if anyone knows of good parallels let me know). I’ve only gone down 1.5 meters, so there is plenty more to find, very exciting stuff.

Field D Square 1



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