Oh Joyous Day!

16 04 2008

I worked from 6AM to 3PM straight, but now the GPS works. The last 20 cm have been fixed on the vertical axis and the horizontal axis was corrected from 2 or 3 meters down to 1 or 2 centimeters. Hurray, Paul and I shared an awkward high-five or two. We finished the day by mapping out some squares in the Islamic Village next Jalul (JIV or jive as I call it) and putting some control points in. Now I will just hope and pray that when I boot them up tomorrow, everything will be the same. In other news, the Iron IIC/Persian building in area D continues to be revealed. Scottie is digging his second floor level and has found a number of objects, including basalt grindstone and spindle whorl (pictured below). Jody has been digging down in my square and just discovered a wall line running diagonally through the bottom of a room (perhaps an earlier building). So I am very excited because tomorrow i get to return to digging.

a spindle whorl and basalt grinder



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