Bitter Obama

16 04 2008

Even though this whole bitter, guns, and God “uproar” has subsided for the most part, I think its still good hear from someone who sets the record straight. Most sound bites are taken out of context but this one was a bit of a reach. With this and the new negative/personal attack ads it seems as if Clinton is going out with guns blazing. Although, based on the new polls in PA, IN, NC, ND, and SD it appears that people are getting tired of her act.



3 responses

16 04 2008

I am not a Clinton supporter, although she looks good
compared to Obama.
I am a concerned citizen and I have done a lot of research
about Obama and his past.
I urge everyone to do the research.
Obama is hiding somethings(s).
I believe significant news will break about Obama soon.

17 04 2008

Ah, such a seemingly innocuous comment from an anonymous individual. Not only is Obama hiding somethings but also somethingss. I wonder what this significant news could be. Oh and I have done “the research”.

17 04 2008

If you have thoroughly researched Obama and still support him,
God help you.

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