9 04 2008

So we spent the morning touring the tell and going to St. George Church, where the Madaba mosaic is located. Randy and others were working on obtaining our dig permit and getting a truck and crane. The crane is for moving stones in the Islamic village next too the tell. This afternoon I have to work with the GPS units and figure out how to switch them to Palestinian Grid Coordinates. So it was an easy day, everyone is tired and yet itching to get to digging.

Our hotel room

The small hotel room and the view of Jalul from the hotel roof.



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9 04 2008

Wow, that hotel room reminds me of mom and dad’s from Israel, haha. Best of luck with the dig!

7 08 2010

Have you been to Lot’s Cave in Jordan, near Safi? I would be interested to hear what you think. I worked there briefly helping restore the mosaics. I love that part of the world!

I guess you have moved on however (just realized this is dated 2008!).

I made a video about LMIIIC pottery study in Greece which may interest you:


19 08 2010

I have been to Lot’s Cave, quite the view of the Dead Sea and the mosaics do look very nice. I enjoyed your youtube clip, I excavated at the Philistine site of Tell es-Safi and notice similarities to the Mycenaean ware. Unfortunately at Safut I have only found a few Cypriote imports, no Mycenaean ware.

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