Learning to Use the GPS

6 04 2008

On Friday several of us were given a demonstration of the GPS equipment Dr. Younker purchased for the dig. I guess he was tired of renting and thought it better to buy one. It turns out that since I am the most technologically savvy of the group and have some experience with GIS, I will be in charge of the GPS equipment this season. We will be using a Magellan ProMark3 RTK system, with a base plus rover setup. This setup will allow us to get centimeter accuracy when taking measurements within the square. So no more theodolite!

My job this season (besides setting up the system every day for digging) will be to do a topographic plan of the Islamic village adjacent to Tall Jalul (which has never been surveyed), do a topo plan of Tall Safut, and use the GPS to set up squares for a surface survey at Safut. Hopefully I’ll be able to take full advantage of the GPS system and use it properly, we’ll see.



3 responses

6 04 2008

Hi! Dad and I are enjoying keeping up with all you are doing. We are praying for your trip.

10 04 2008

Hi! I would be very interested in hearing more about the field measuring with the GPS. When you have an opportunity, please do write to me about this.


11 04 2008
Owen Chesnut

Still working out a few of the kinks, hopefully I’ll send you an email next week sometime.

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