New Beginnings

4 04 2008

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Owen Chesnut and I am a PhD student in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology at Andrews University. I have been thinking about starting a blog recently and have noticed an abundance of bible/theology oriented blogs. I thought it would be interesting to record the dissertation process for posterity sake. Monday begins the trek; I am going to Jordan to excavate for three weeks at Tall Jalul. During this time I will be making trips to my site, Tall Safut, in order to grid the site using the GPS system (that should be arriving tomorrow) and doing a surface survey. The previous excavator of the site, Don Wimmer, and I will also be spending a few days in the Salt and Amman Citadel museums searching for objects and pottery from the site. I think this is plenty for now, hopefully I will be updating this daily in Jordan and the same when I get back to the States.



2 responses

4 04 2008
Ryan B

Hey Owen!

Enjoyed your teachings in Israel. I felt privileged to have seen your work at Biblical Gath and get your personal insights in the museums we visited.

I think the blog is a great idea. Best of luck to you on this exciting project.


5 04 2008

Good luck on the blogging efforts (and your PhD …)


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