A Dissertation Gift

4 04 2008

My dissertation topic fell into my lap soon after beginning my first semester at Andrews. My adviser Randall Younker and Oystein LaBianca had been offered the site of Tall Safut by Don Wimmer. He excavated the site in the 1980’s, at first as a salvage dig, and then (due to the amount of material uncovered) as a full scale excavation. However he has retired from Seton Hall and felt it better to offer the material to a young PhD student. He knew Randy and Sten from their work at Tall Hisban and Tall Jalul, as part of the Madaba Plains Project. They decided to offer the project to me and here I am getting ready to jump into the material, after the trip to Jordan.

Safut is best known for its MB glacis (which is the picture in the header taken in ’82), exposed in 1960 as the highway from Amman to Jerash was created. However, Wimmer in his excavations determined that the glacis was a natural formation. So here is the first of many questions I will attempt to answer.



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4 04 2008
Brion Daugherty

Sweet man…looking foward to your blogs

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