I am a PhD student studying Ancient Near Eastern archaeology and anthropology at Andrews University in southern MI.  Currently I am writing my dissertation on the site of Tall Safut. I did my undergrad at Wheaton College in ANE archaeology and Old Testament Studies. I got my MA in Historical Geography at Jerusalem University College, which is where I met my wife (we were doing the same program).  Here are some pictures I took over those two years. Angela and I have a 4 year old son named Jack, a 2year old daughter named Safita, and the newest addition to our family is Soren.

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6 08 2008
Larry David McCormick

Dear Mister Chestnut,
You are not a particularly easy fellow to find in the digital world. Perhaps the Siegfried Horn Museum should consider supplying author’s e-mail addresses so that crazies such as myself may send approving comments to authors?
I write to thank you for your recent article in its entirety AND ESPECIALLY for your aside concerning Jesus’ burial place, “(not His final resting place).” This is greatly appreciated by at least one of your fellow Christians.
Looking forward to your future contributions in all areas of life (archaeology as well as the more important aspect of faith) I am, in our Lord,

Larry David McCormick+
Professor of New Testament Studies & Early Church History
Fordham Univeristy (in ‘da Bronx)

29 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

23 11 2011

I am from Jordan and very interested in 3d scanning, own a white light scanner and 3d printer if you have the time please email me


23 02 2012

As a member of the 2001 excavation (Area L) under D. Wimmer I find your work at the Tell to be very interesting.

23 02 2012

Hi Ian, I recognize your name (or initials at least) from all of the scanning you did. Where did you work in L?

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